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Prernadayak Kahaniyan - Sheikh Chilli ke Hairataangej karname

Author : Mona Gupta Publisher : Indradhanush 2010
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Book Details
Sheikh Chilli is often named when talking about fools and daydreamers. His tales have been popular among people of different nationalities and classes. His casual attitude and a fondness for building air castles have not just entertained people for centuries, but have also been inspiration for many other stories and characters. Here are a few fabulous stories of Sheikh Chilli, who can be easily termed as the biggest fool of all. Indeed, the book would prove to be not an easy task to turn down until it is read completely.

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Book Title : Prernadayak Kahaniyan - Sheikh Chilli ke Hairataangej karname
Author Name : Mona Gupta
Book Publisher : Indradhanush
Book ISBN : 9789380-00-9537
Language : Hindi
Year of Publishing : 2010
Binding : Paperback
Book Weight : --
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